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Stimulation Additives

China Midas Oilfield provides extensive range of Stimulation chemicals and additives for the deepest and toughest well conditions around the world . Midas acidizing additives are the most adoptable and easy to use in a package form with the highest compatibility .


Oilfield Corrosion inhibitor
Acid Corrosion Inhibitor


Effective organic based and cationic acid corrosion inhibitor designed to use in hydrochloric acid based stimulation fluids. Economically protects low alloy steel when exposed to 15% or 28% hydrochloric acid and hydrochloric/hydrofluoric acid up to 200°F( 9 3 °C ), with the use of MID-A101 can provide protection up to 300°F.

Anti-Sludge Agent


MIDAS Anti-sludge agent prevents the formation of stable emulsion and asphaltene sludge deposits when acids like HCl acid solutions come into contact with reservoir crude oil during acidizing treatments. Typical range of concentration is 5 to 25 gallons per thousand gallons of acid solutions (0.5 to 2.5 Volume percent).

MID-A301 is an acid soluble liquid additive designed for use in acid treating solutions to help eliminate or minimize the formation of acid/oil sludge.

Suspending Agent
Suspending Agent


Silt Suspending Agent Is an anionic, non-ionic surfactant that can be used in most acid-treating solutions and fracturing fluids to suspend insoluble fines. Surfactants reduce the surface tension and/or interfacial tension between fluids, between fluid and formation,and between fluid and tubular.

H2S Scavenger


A chemical that removes all three soluble sulfide species, H2S, S-2 and HS-, and forms a product that is nonhazardous and noncorrosive. Zinc compounds are commonly used to precipitate ZnS and decrease the concentration of all three sulfides that are in equilibrium in a solution to a very low concentration. For water mud, zinc basic carbonate, and, for oil mud, zinc oxide, are recognised to be effective sulfide scavengers. Oxidation of sulfides to form other types of sulfur compounds will remove sulfides from a mud, but slowly and with less certainty.

Clay Stabilizer
Clay Stabilizer

A clay stabilizer is a chemical additive used in a well stimulation process so that the migration or movement of clay particles in reaction to water-based fluids is avoided. Clay stabilizers act to ensure that the clay platelets remain in position by controlling the electrolytic characteristics and the electrical charge of the treatment fluid. Clay stabilizers are used in oil and gas wells workover and intervention operations.

Viscoelastic Diverting Acid
VDA Package


Midas High and Low Temperature Viscoelastic Diverting Acid ( VDA ) / Viscoelastic Surfactant (VES)  a self-diverting, polymer-free acidizing fluid, can be used alone or with other treating acids for total zonal coverage in carbonate reservoirs.

This custom-made package included :

- VES ( High/Moderate Temperature )

- Corrosion Inhibitor for VES

- Corrosion Inhibitor Intensifier ( Aid ) for VES

- Iron Control for VES

- H2S Scavenger for VES

Corrossion inhibitor intensifier
Acid Corrosion Inhibitor Intensifier (Aid)


MIDAS corrosion inhibitor aid is a mixture of metallic iodide salt and organic acid. This aid is a very heavy material and not too soluble in HCL at temperatures below 200°F. This intensifier by itself, should never be used to inhibit acid. It is not a stand- alone acid corrosion inhibitor

Oilfield Non-Emulsifier

A chemical used to break emulsions (that is, to separate the two phases). The type of demulsifier selected depends on the type of emulsion, either oil-in-water or water-in-oil. Midas Oilfield provides demulsifiers that are used in the chemical analysis of oil and synthetic muds and to treat produced hydrocarbons.

​Surface Tension Reducer


​A chemical that preferentially adsorbs at an interface, lowering the surface tension or interfacial tension between fluids or between a fluid and a solid. This term encompasses a multitude of materials that function as emulsifiers, dispersants, oil-wetters, water-wetters, foamers and defoamers. The type of surfactant behavior depends on the structural groups on the molecule (or mixture of molecules). Hydrophile-lipophile balance (HLB) number helps define the function that a molecular group will perform.

Oilfield multi-functional Agent
Multi-functional Agent


Midas’s Multifunctional additive is a blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants, a glycol and selected alcohols designed to minimize sludge precipitation and mitigate corrosion in low temperature acid stimulation applications. It is an anti-sludge, non- emulsifier and corrosion inhibitor.

Acid Retarder
Acid Retarder

MID-A901 is an oil external emulsifier. It provides a stable emulsion which retards the activity of the hydrochloric acid by limiting contact between the acid and carbonate formation.

The acid can be hydrochloric acid, mud acid and organic acid.
It can be used at temperature up to 250 F. The typical concentration for this additive is 10 gal/Mgal of acid solution (one vol percent).

System has low surface tension and good Foaming properties.

Mutual Solvent
Mutual Solvent


Mutual solvent is soluble in both hydrocarbon and aqueous solutions. As a mutual it is soluble in oil, acid and water.
It will effectively penetrate as deep in the formation as the treating fluid. It tends to dissolve the oil film on fines released by the reaction of the acid on the formation. 

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