All of Midas's additive advancements were made with one goal in mind: to help operators benefit from World-Class Quality chemicals at reasonable costs . Even in technically demanding wells or environmentally sensitive areas ,Midas equals or superior than most competitors .

Midas Oilfield Chemical

When you work with us we provide extensive technical service backed by a second-to-none research laboratories in China, Europe and Middle East.

Midas Oilfield has made an strategic mutual technical cooperation with CNPC Drilling Research Institute .Both enterprise are committed in research and develop Cementing and Acidizing chemicals . 


Focused on our customer’s needs, with a collaborative approach, bringing new ideas and new solutions to the market ; Midas Oilfield Chemicals provides additives in comprehensive packages for cement ,acid and VDA System .

With our advanced equipment and all-in-house production we guarantee best results in any condition.

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